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Air Pressure Leg Massager

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Main Features:

✔️ Adjustable Heating & Timer Settings

✔️ Automatic Power-off Function

✔️ Cordless & Portable Design

✔️ Fully Coverage To Provide Perfect Massage

✔️ Built-in 6 Massage Modes

Relieve Your Pain Efficiently

Unlike other leg massagers that do not offer any coverage at the knee part, ours have full coverage of your legs. With added at the knee part (an optional function according to your need) for a better massage experience.

Advanced Controller

The controller is likewise a component of the upgraded product. The leg massager for circulation is easier to read thanks to the clear text, and the redesigned controller has a more contemporary appearance.

The operational display allows for more extensive control and use of the product. suitable for post-operative healers, long-term bedridden individuals, inactive employees, and athletes. It can be utilized while working or relaxing in the office.

Full Leg Recovery

This Air Pressure Leg Massager enhances massage therapists' pinch touch, both light and forceful.

Effectively reduces pain and tiredness, can help with RLS, cramps, and other leg diseases, and is especially useful for post-exercise recovery. It covers the entire leg from the ankle to the thigh, efficiently lowering swelling and pain, and can help with RLS, Cramps, Edema, and other disorders.

Beyond Your Expectation

The upgraded Air Pressure Leg Massager has 13 airbags and a full-leg heating function to achieve a 360° wrap around heated compression experience, offering 3 modes and 3 intensities from foot, calf to thigh with 15 massage strokes.

Deeply relieves sore muscles, improves blood circulation, and relieves leg stress.

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