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Gym Equipment Exercised Abdomen Arms Stomach Thighs LegsThin Fitness Suction Cup Type Sit Up Bar Self-Suction abs machine


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The main benefit to stability ball crunches is that they work your abs and obliques more effectively than regular sit-ups do because they force you to engage all parts of your core muscles at once--including those in your lower back, which are often neglected in other types of abdominal exercises.



Application: "6-Second Abdominal Trainer

Function: Belly

Colour: Pink black blue

Applicable people: Everyone

Material: Manganese steel, foam, silica gel

Name: Suction Cup Abdominal Device
Material: Manganese steel, foam, silicone
Dimensions: as shown
Weight: 1000g
Color: pink, blue, black
Applicable people: men, women, old, young
Packing: 1 pcs 
Introduction to use:
1. Before use, please use a rag to wipe the floor and the abdominal curler clean.
2. Please place the curler on a smooth ground without any gaps.
3. Adjust to a suitable height according to your needs.
4. Press the black button then press down the abdominal curler with your fingers to make the machine and the ground completely contact, and the machine can be used after installation.

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