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Incense Powder Homemade Fragrance Tibent Buddha Home Meditation Aromatherapy 50g Zenmood 100% Natural


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Tibetan Fragrance are widely used for their therapeutic effects, which are believed to be due to the natural ingredients used in their production. Some of the most notable effects of Tibetan incense include relaxation and stress relief, improved air quality, better sleep, pain relief, and improved mental clarity.

Use: Aromatic

Content: 50g

We not only sell some different brands of incense, but also are lovers of incense tasting. The mixed formula incense powder is made by the shopkeeper himself. The blending scheme of the product can be traced back to more than 900 years ago. It is completely made by hand and is 100% natural and healthy. The products are packaged in environment-friendly and economical kraft paper bags

Sandalwood powder has an obvious natural woody fragrance, and its fragrance always makes people feel happy and emotionally relaxed. It is your first choice for smelling, meditating, and aromatherapy.

Agarwood powder from the resin of the natural incense tree in the subtropics. The oily components in the wood powder release a wonderful aroma after heating or burning, which makes you feel comfortable.

It is blended with frankincense and a variety of herbal spices. Its burning aroma is great and impressive, and it has the function of preventing seasonal colds ☟

It is made of sandalwood, eaglewood and a variety of spices. It is different from the common spices on the market. The aroma after burning makes a lasting aftertaste ☟

Incense with soothing and relaxing effect, which is prepared from plant spices in Tibet, and is suitable for aromatherapy or environmental purification ☟


Sage powder comes entirely from the leaves of sage, with a rich and heartwarming aroma, providing you with an excellent meditative atmosphere

How to use: Lay a layer of incense ash or fireproof mat in the incense burner, pile the incense powder into a small "pyramid" in the incense burner, and then light the top. This powder will burn slowly. Another way is to use an electronic incense burner to heat the incense powder. The recommended temperature is above 200 degrees, and the heating method will produce a longer-lasting aroma. Order now and get ready to enjoy the natural scent!

According to the custom of traditional medicine, mixed incense is not suitable for pregnant women.

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